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This Week in Nursery!

We have had a wonderful week in Nursery.

The children came in on Monday to find the role play area had been transformed into a party/DJ area. This was requested by the children and they have thoroughly enjoyed it.

We have observed some wonderful singing and dancing this week. The children were also challenged to write words or draw a picture if they had a specific song request. They learnt how to use microphone voice recorders and make their own party outfits.

The children learnt their new sounds ‘r’ and ‘u’ and decorated their sound cards using red glitter and unicorn colours. We also made word and name rockets and painted on umbrellas.

The children have loved learning more about everything linked to ‘under the sea’. They have learnt of many new sea creatures and were intrigued to learn more about Koi Carp from Japan.

We also decided to use our Sushi restaurant resources outside and the children became delivery drivers. They delivered the Sushi using bikes all around the playground. There was even a Sushi thief on Wednesday which meant we needed to call the Police and investigate who might have stolen it!

On Tuesday the children were amazed by an ‘under the sea’ scene that was created for them in their classroom. This was planned to develop their oracy skills and we asked them questions to encourage them to think and talk in full sentences. We also added a piece of rubbish in the ocean scene which generated a great discussion about the importance of not littering.

Then on Wednesday the children played a Bingo game linked to the under the sea characters. This was fantastic for developing their knowledge of sea creatures, developing their patience and listening skills. They were all very good at shouting ‘BINGO’!!!

Today in Forest School the children enjoyed having a go at whittling. They then used these sticks to make their own stickman. They then took him around the outside area to re-enact the story and make up their own version.