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This Week in Reception!

This week has been amazing in Reception! The children have really enjoyed learning about Kimonos and the history and use of Kimonos in Japan. They had a turn at creating a Kimono by drawing patterns with felt tips and pegging various materials on to make their kimono even more special!

The children have also been using ‘wax resist art’ to also design a Kimono on cartridge paper. They used wax candles to create patterns and brushed ink across to show their creation underneath.

Reception was thrilled to have a very special visit from Mrs Deamer an art teacher from another local school to teach us how to create Japanese tea bowls from clay. The children carefully moulded the clay by using chopsticks and rolled the clay in rice to create a textured effect, ready to be glazed. The children are very excited to use their Japanese tea bowls for our ‘Marvellous Middle’ next week during a Reception Tea Ceremony!