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This Week in Year 1!

This week in Year 1, children have had the fabulous Maureen Burgess in school to inspire and help take the children’s art to the next level. Children created Japanese Koi Carp artworks with brilliant colours and features.

In Grammar we revisited past tense irregular verb. Identifying that not all verbs have the -ed suffix when they are changed into the past tense. Some verbs are ‘irregular’.

We recapped our work on sharing and using the division function in Maths. Later in the week children moved on to telling the time. We practised clockwise and anti-clockwise turns at quarter, half-past and three-quarter turns. We have begun to identify o’clock and half past times on an analogue clock-face.

We had a very special guest talk to us via Zoom all about Japan and the traditional children’s festival. Mrs Lam, Sophie’s grandmother shared her experience of growing up in Japan and her insights into the fascinating culture we have studied this term.

The children wrote questions to ask her prior to the meeting and then in classes children recorded thank you messages to share their gratitude and recall what they had learnt.