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This Week in Year 1!

This week in Year 1 children read the traditional folk tale of ‘The Stonecutter’. They were then tasked with recalling, ordering and planning a recount of the traditional Japanese tale. Finally, children wrote a recount of the tale in their own words, focussing on the using correct punctuation, including adjectives and connectives. In maths, children focussed on finding equal parts of a whole in halves and in quarters. Later in the week children began finding half and quarter of an amount.

As part of PSHEE we discussed that there is a normal range of emotions that all humans experience in relation to different experiences and situations. We looked at how to recognise these emotions and ways to express them. As part of focus on emotions, we delved into the importance of Gratitude and reflected on what we are grateful for. Children took turns with their partners sharing what they are grateful for and why.

On Thursday we all celebrated the Japanese Children’s Day festival. Children took part in various activities such as fan dance workshop, using fans the children had decorated in class, a karate demonstration and a karaoke sing-a-long session to all the delight of all involved.