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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had an immersive week continuing to focus on our Japanese theme. The children began by learning some Japanese phrases after speaking to a Japanese lady, called Mimi. Some of the phrases we learnt included-

My name is 私の名前は

I live in London 私はロンドンに住んでいます

I am 6/7 years old 私は7歳です

The children were inspired listening to Mimi and had many questions for her:

“Do you know all Japanese words? asked Kitan

What is your job in Japan?” said Charlie

“Which sport is popular in Japan?” asked Freddie

“What is your favourite Japanese meal?” said Simran

In response to our Zoom call with Mimi, the children wrote a thank you email and asked some further questions they wanted to know about life in Japan. This lesson provided the children with information about writing emails, the purpose and the correct online format.

Our new text ‘Wabi Sabi’ was introduced to the children and we began by inferring from the text, pictures and using adjectives to describe ‘Wabi Sabi’, the cat. We used Jamboard (an interactive board to share ideas electronically using post it notes) and answered some of these questions-

  • What words come into your mind to describe the cat?
  • Where do you think this story might be set/taking place?
  • How would you describe the cat’s movements?
  • What does Snowball think Wabi Sabi means? How does she describe this kind of beauty?

It was also Wellbeing week, and we took the opportunity to discuss our feelings and focused on ‘sharing our worries’, ways to cope and who to talk to. Our worry bag, catcher and monster were a variety of ways shown to the children of how they can share their worries. Mindfulness was taken outdoors and the children took time to enhance their wellbeing whilst appreciating nature all around.