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Holly’s Highlights!

This week Holly had the pleasure of accompanying some of the Year 2 children over to Belmont for a Transition visit. She caused quite a stir and the Belmont staff are terribly jealous of our gorgeous pup!  I was so proud of her because her behaviour was impeccable.  She provided comfort and security for anyone for was feeling a little wobbly about the visit and really doing her part to be an emotional support dog.

It has been super-hot this week but Holly was lucky enough to have her own personal ‘cooler downers’ in the Nursery who sprayed her with water mist and kept her cool.  Thank you Nursery.

Holly also continued her training this week.  She is working with Tracie from Waggintons, here in Mill Hill. This week she worked on recall and playing fetch (and actually letting go of the ball!).