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This Week in Nursery!

We have thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful sunny weather this week. The children have loved playing in the garden with all the water toys, guttering and water beads.

This week the children decorated their sound cards using feathers and ladybird colours. They enjoyed playing with the fire hoses and writing using feathers linked to the ‘f’ sound. They also played with locks and keys linked to the ‘l’ sound.

They drew wonderful drawings of themselves on Monday we have compared them to the same drawings they did at the beginning of the year and we are so impressed with all the children’s fine motor development over the year.

The role play area was transformed into a garden centre over half term. The children have loved planting beans and seeds, selling flowers and vegetables and growing grass from seed. The children created a flower by cutting shapes, they showed great skill when cutting and could cut out the shapes independently.

Today in Forest school the children enjoyed the wonderful sunshine and had lots of water play, they decorated the trees using coloured paint and glitter. They also used tools in the mud area to dig and plant seeds.