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This Week in Reception!

This week the children have been reflecting on their time in Reception and thinking about moving up to Year 1. The children came up with questions they would like to know about Year 1 and the Year 1 teachers visited and tried to answer all their questions, including things like ‘How many steps are there to your room?’ and ‘What fun things are there?’ Moving up day gave our classes another chance to meet their new teachers and this time visit their new classrooms.  They are all very excited and we will spending next week making sure they are familiar with the new rooms and how to find them.

Sports day was a huge success and we hope you enjoy the video and photos, Mrs Ticehurst has been uploading as many as she can to Instagram and we are sure the children will enjoy looking at pictures with you and telling you all about it.

Our learning this week has been based around Pokémon, the children have each drawn their own Pokémon character and decided on the special powers it will have.  We have been trying to phonetically sound out a large number of Pokémon names from the books and cards we have in class.