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This Week in Year 2!

Year 2 have had an immersive week surfing The Great Wave and continued to explore our core text. We looked closely at words to describe the wave and composed a Jamboard where the children brainstormed their descriptive words. The children chose ones of their adjectives to play the echo game and then got into groups to make freeze frames of the fishermen in the storm.

Following our freeze frames, we listened to Storm’ Interlude from ‘Peter Grimes’ by Benjamin Britten and in small groups, used different materials to create a dance to go with the storm music. This activity led nicely on to learning about the facts about ‘The Great Wave’ print and examples of how ‘The Great Wave’ has formed the inspiration for other artists and designers.

Phonics introduced the children to ‘Contractions’ and how sometimes two words can be shortened using an apostrophe in place of missing letters e.g. it is—-it’s; would not—wouldn’t.

As part of our statutory Relationships and Sex Education (RSE), we looked at personal boundaries, keeping safe, understanding our privates are private and who they can trust to speak to. The children showed great maturity in addressing this sensitive topic and learnt what acceptable and unacceptable behaviour is.