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This Week in PE!

After a very successful sports day the children in Reception capitalised on all that practise!! We have been working on stations but this time we added a “free choice” station.  The variety of equipment and the strategic staging of that equipment around the Astro helped pupils stay spread out and working safely.

One of the big things we stress with our children is using their equipment and space safely and making sure everyone gets included and has a turn.  These are built in social skills that not only keep kids safe but ensure that everyone feels a sense of belonging into the things they want to do.  Giving students the ownership to make choices on how they want to be active is also very motivating.

Having the opportunity to lead an activity and to decide what they want to do can be very empowering for children.

We had simple relays using balls, hoops, and bean bags but we also use some of the equipment that they explore in sports day such. Space hoppers, batons, and hurdles.

In the ‘free station, we placed some cones, ropes and balls and gave the simple rules for them to organise their own relay races.

It was fantastic to see how creative our children can be and how much they have taken in from our mass participation event last week.

Well done!