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This Week in Year 1!

As the year appears to be coming to a conclusion, the children have been reflecting on their learning journey throughout Year 1 both in terms of academia, but also in terms of their physical and emotional growth. The children have spent time looking through this term’s Learning Journal and identifying areas of improvement and interest relating to our topic ‘Konnichiwa Japan!’

Within Art and Science, physical reflection has been through creation of a self-portrait by using a mirror to assist in the children‘s careful sketching and painting of their self-portrait. In Science, children used a Curiscope to identify our heart and lungs and how these beat and pump faster with physical exercise, linking this to healthy lifestyle traits.

Children have had the opportunity to showcase their Literacy and Mathematic skills in the final assessments of the academic year and impressed us with their focus and determination to give their 10/10 best efforts.

In Maths, learning for the week consisted in counting numbers to 100 using interactive hundreds frames. Children added 2-digits numbers together using Dienes rods and recorded their answers. We practised counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s with games such as ‘buzz’. Children practised their partitioning of number skills by using both Dienes rods and number cards.