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Tokyo 2021 – Mr Browne’s First Week with the GB Men’s Hockey Team!

Mr Browne has sent us his first update from his time in Tokyo for the Olympics. As the Assistant Coach to the GB Men’s Hockey Team, he has had a very exciting week!

After the 1st week we have played 4 games. We won against South Africa 3-1 and Canada 3-1. Lost to Germany 5-1 and drew with Holland 1-1. We have one more group game left vs Belgium who are the ranked no2 in the world. However, our results means that we have already qualified for the quarterfinals.

Photo 1: Miss Goriup and myself at the Team GB rec area in the Olympic Games Village.

Photo 2: Team GB Performance Lodge outside the Olympic Games village. This is only for Team GB and we use the Performance lodge on rest days for recovery. The food is great and we have access to a gym, meeting rooms, swimming pool and an outdoor track.

Photo 3: View from Team GB accommodation at the Games Village.

Photo 4: Picture of myself and the Head Coach Danny Kerry during the warm up before we played Canada (we won 3-1). 

Photo 5:  My favourite spot to work in the Team GB building.

Photo 6: During matches my working position is with the analyst and Head Coach. We try to sit high in the stands to get a  tactical view of the game and could receive instant access to videos.

Miss Goriup and Mr Browne’s time in Japan was featured in the September 2021 issue of The Independent Schools Magazine (page 37) here. 

Miss Goriup was also featured in Independent Education Today and Independent School Sport’s online news here.