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Grimsdell Book of the Week!

Our first week of term and we commence our new academic year with two books of the week from our outgoing Junior Librarians, Lily and Tara.

Firstly, Lily recommends a firm favourite with our Grimsdell children, ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’, by Drew Daywalt and illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

Lily’s reason for her choice:

 “I chose this book because this is my favourite Oliver Jeffers story as it is SO funny! I hope you will enjoy it too!”

We are sure that this book will become one of your firm favourites and it is available to borrow from our Grimsdell library.

Mrs Harvey would also recommend this book. The illustrator, Oliver Jeffers is well known to our Grimsdell children. Oliver Jeffers is a visual artist and author working in painting, bookmaking, illustration, collage, performance and sculpture. Curiosity and humour are underlying themes throughout Oliver’s practice as an artist and storyteller. In our Grimsdell library, Oliver Jeffers is a very popular author and illustrator. His critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into over fifty languages, sold over 14 million copies worldwide and have won numerous awards.

Part of the reason for the popularity of Jeffers’ picture books is that they are wonderfully accessible, exploring the themes of friendship, imagination loneliness and independence in a subtle and nuanced way. I often use his books in my Key Stage 1 Library sessions to encourage the children to explore both text and illustration to further their reading comprehension skills.

Secondly, Tara from last year’s 2YM class recommends one of her favourite books ‘Mr Bunny’s Chocolate Factory’ by Elys Dolan. This is a new purchase for our Grimsdell library, as a result of Tara’s suggestion.

Tara’s reason for her choice:

 “This is such a FUNNY story about Mr Bunny’s chocolate factory. Who doesn’t love chocolate?!”

The book is available to borrow from our Grimsdell library. I wonder who the first borrower will be?  In the story  Mr Bunny gets taught a big lesson about how he should treat his employees when his chickens go on strike in this funny and sophisticated Easter egg tale. The author and illustrator, Elys Dolan has produced a very vibrant book which will draw in the reader and encourage them to consider the actions of Mr Bunny and how he might create a better environment for all. Elys Dolan has illustrated many of the picture books we have in our library. Most notably, one of Year 2 Reading Road Map books from last year – ‘How the Borks Became’, which has proved to be a popular read amongst all our Grimsdell children.  Evolution can be a difficult concept to explain to children, but this amusing picture book presents it beautifully. Reminiscent of Dr Seuss books, it’s a fantastically funny tale with wonderfully vibrant illustrations.

Children’s Author of the Week

Last year, the Junior Librarians were asked to nominate their children’s author of the week. The task of nominating a children’s author to appeal to the entire Grimsdell community is not easy but I think you’ll agree that our outgoing Junior Librarian, Aurelio (formerly of 2RM), has introduced to us a new author (and illustrator) which will appeal to many of Grimsdell children. Upon Aurelio’s recommendation, the library has purchased a variety of books by Sam Lloyd – sit back and enjoy!

Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey