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The Mill Hill School Foundation Presents #MillHillMoments

After a year’s delay due to COVID, and having completed the filming amongst many COVID and weather disruptions at the end of last term, we are delighted to be able to present to you our new Foundation Brand Film project, #MillHillMoments.

We were lucky enough to work with a fantastic video production agency, Affixxius and we would like to thank them for all their hard work and talent that went into producing this video. A special thanks also goes to all the pupils who took part and had great patience whilst having to repeat their actions over and over again, not least the Belmont pupils who had the strenuous task of repeatedly ascending the climbing wall! It was great to see the pupils enjoying being a part of it too; especially our Grimsdell pupils who had the tough task of resisting eating their marshmallows while filming took place around the log fire in Forest School! After such a long time out of action due to COVID, it was lovely to see our Chapel filled once again with energy and musical talent from our pupils whilst we were filming.

The key message of our Foundation brand film is for our pupils to celebrate and cherish every moment of their time at school. Moments of discovery and creativity. Moments of achievement and self-belief, whether that’s solving a complex equation, celebrating a momentous victory on the sports field, or performing on stage with friends.

Our vision was to create an emotive and exciting video capturing the pace, vibrancy and buzz of our Schools, and shows the breadth of our offering, whilst also celebrating those wonderful and precious pupil moments that happen every day across The Foundation, whether in the classroom, on the sports field, in Forest School or in the Boarding Houses; moments of wonder, confidence, discovery, belief, creativity, togetherness, celebration, performance and achievement. It is these moments that matter: they are the reason we exist as a Foundation.

Our role is to prepare children for their future; our reward is to create the moments they will cherish forever.

“I am delighted by our new school video, not just because of its quality, but because it is authentic in reflecting our overriding aims, which are to provide pupils with a great education for life, and a lifetime of happy memories of life-changing moments.” Antony Spencer CEO, The Mill Hill School Foundation

“We are hugely grateful to The Mill Hill School Foundation for allowing us to approach this project with such a sophisticated and nuanced attitude to both storytelling and production. This film will sit as a jewel in our portfolio for many years to come.” Miles Latham, Executive Producer, Affixxius


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