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This week in Reception…

Well done to all the Reception children for a fantastic week.  We have had an incredibly full and busy days as the children explore their surroundings and familiarise themselves with the wealth of resources available in each classroom. There has been painting, playdough, Lego, drawing, subitising Maths games and much, much more.  We have also looked beyond the classroom and taken the children on tours of the school to meet some key people they might meet in their daily routines.  We found Mrs Webb and Mrs Davies-Jones in the office, Mrs Simon and Mrs Ticehurst in their offices, Maggie in the kitchen, Mrs Hurst in the medical room and Ms Vanstone all the way upstairs near the computers.  On the carpet we have been playing different games to teach the children to take turns and to help them learn each other’s names.  In the playground we have been helping the children to ask each other,  “Excuse me, what’s your name?” if they encounter someone new.