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This week in Year 2…

Our week started with a fabulous assembly by the one and only Christina Mitchell who delivered a wonderful introduction to ‘Thrive in 5’, discussing ways we can help ourselves to deal with certain situations and how we can be our 10 out of 10 best selves. She also came into the classrooms to talk to each class. Thank you Miss Christina!

The children had a wonderful swimming session this week after they were assessed last week. Thank you to Mrs Suarez-Rivas and her superb team for such a terrific session.

This week in topic we continued diving into the book ‘The Pea and the Princess’ which is a fun take on the original story of the Princess and the Pea. We used our inference skills to write speech and thought bubbles for peas from a particular page in the story. This was great fun and the children enjoyed using their imagination to write what they thought the Queen’s ultimatum could be to the Prince.

We loved Forest School on Friday because Ms Moir built a fire and made pea soup! The Pea from the story even came to join us in the woods while we cooked our soup over the fire. Most children tried it and some even liked it! Well done everyone!

In Paws b this week, we continued learning about the different parts of our brain and how we can train our brain to change our mind. Our practice today was all about finding our bubble and focusing on a few breaths, breathing in through our nose and out through our mouth. Thank you to those children who have been teaching these practices already to their families at home! Awesome!

In Science this week the children investigated the characteristics of living things and using the seven life processes had to decide if things were living, dead or never alive.