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Poetry Day Winners 2021

This year every child in Lower School, in line with the National Poetry Day theme of Choice, had to choose whether to learn a poem to recite to their class or to write their own poem on a theme of their own choice.

There were some wonderful performances and some excellent poems were written. The winners are below:

Year 3

For clear and expressive recitation:

Leah 3GC, Amy 3NC, Frederick 3CW

For writing some wonderful poems:

Amelia 3NC, Aurelio 3CW


Year 4

For excellent delivery and performance:

Neer 4EP, Maxim 4NH, Torin 4TB

For writing some superb poetry:

Sophie 4EP, Athena 4EP, Chloe 4TB, Matilda 4NH


Year 5

For entertaining their classes with a strong, expressive delivery:

Alessia 5JD, Jacob 5JD, Robin 5TW, Ben 5AD

For excellent effort at writing their own poems:

Peter 5SB, Dexter 5SB, Maxi 5AD, Naya 5TW


Choice by Maxi

Choice is a tug of war between good and evil

Will it work out or will it not?

Do I stick with what I’ve got?

Do I explore and change my world?

Do I change the world for everyone?

Do we interpret everything differently?

Do I like the world today?

Do I belong here?


Harry Potter by Sophie

My favourite books are about Harry Potter

That Lord Voldemort is a real rotter!


Playing Quidditch sounds so much fun

Flying on a broomstick so you don’t have to run


Hermione Grainger is so, so clever

She was the first student to levitate a feather


I wish I could receive an owl with my post

Whilst sitting in the Great Hall eating my toast


I’ll end this poem with one final plea

Send my invitation to Hogwarts and I’ll be full of glee