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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had a delightful week, participating actively in a variety of activities.

We were tasked by the GPA to work on our Christmas Card Art Project so we put on our creative hats and set to work. The children chose which design they would like to use and started with a rough draft thinking about how they were going to make their card. Then they painted or drew their design having decided if they wanted to choose a colour card for the background. See the pictures for a sneak peek…

We took a deeper dive into ‘The Pea and the Princess’ and we used our inference skills and our imagination to write what the pea might be whispering to the Princess. The children wrote some terrific ideas, taking care to include interesting verbs and nouns to their writing. Next the children looked at the page where the Princess was having breakfast at the palace and they had to add thought bubbles for some of the different food on the table.

In topic we used our knowledge of the story to create freeze frames of four key moments from the story:-

  • The Ultimatum
  • The Quest
  • The Pea
  • The Wedding

The children thought about props they might need for certain characters and also what the characters body language might look like.

In preparation for retelling the story, we spent a lesson revising sentence structure and discussing what we need to make a great sentence, for example, capital letters, finger spaces, neat writing and full stops. The children learnt about the ‘Power of 3’ adjectives and used this knowledge to write adjectives to describe some of the characters in ‘The Pea and the Princess’ story. Next we learnt what a story mountain is and how that will help us to retell a story.

In task time this week, we planted our own pea seeds in the Science Garden. The children loved exploring the area and took time and care to plant and water their seed. Watch this space to see how they grow!

October is Black History Month and the focus is ‘Proud to be…’ The children talked about what that means and thought carefully about what they are proud to be! We had some terrific responses to this task!

In Forest School this week, we have been exploring our extensive school grounds and taking time to identify some of the trees and leaves we have on site. The children worked in partners to check off from a list the trees they could name. The long walk was tiring for some but made happier by jumping in huge puddles!