This week in Reception…

This week in Reception we have had a minor dispute to resolve!!! According to the children, Mrs Holwerda and Mrs Jenner had a disagreement about who was tallest; we called upon the children to help us resolve the issue. They took up the task with great enthusiasm and I am pleased to say that Mrs Holwerda and Mrs Jenner have made up and are friends again.  This has led to a whole week focussing on measure.  In addition to comparing teacher’s heights, we have been on a Stick Man trail with a map leading us to a new location each day where we have found Stick Man has grown after eating a biscuit each evening.  In phonics, we have enjoyed many creative tasks based on the sounds taught each day including painting butterflies, making crowns for a king and drawing/mark making on umbrellas.  The week ended with a fabulous celebration day for Chanukah in which the children took part in a range of fun activities including making their own Menorah to take home. A big thank you to the GPA and Mrs Dobson for organising this.