Eco Club!

This Autumn Term marks the beginning of the new Eco Club, a group which get together and think of positive changes that can be made to improve the school’s environmental footprint even further.

The pupils have worked hard to identify areas of improvement by completing an environmental review and are now in the planning process of the action plan.

We are keen to see results now so the school has embarked on an application process to become an eco-school and be acknowledged for our hard work.

Our three areas of focus are: school grounds, waste and biodiversity. To make positive changes to these areas we are beginning to implement sustainable initiatives such as introducing a beehive in an approved safe location at the edge of school grounds!

“At Eco club, we are working together to find and implement sustainable initiatives to reduce the school’s environmental footprint. Being part of Eco club makes me feel like I am making a positive difference, and I really enjoy it.” – Haruki