Grimsdell Book of the Week!

Our Books of the Week have been chosen by our ENTIRE Grimsdell community! In celebration of Chanukah, our library has hosted a Pop Up Library (care of PJ Library). All the children have had the opportunity to explore books with a core Jewish theme with many covering Chanukah.

The two most popular choices are Little Red Ruthie: A Hanukkah Tale and Is It Hanukkah Yet?

Firstly, Little Red Ruthie by Gloria Koster.

This story is a Hanukkah take on Little Red Riding Hood. The Grimsdell children really enjoyed this adaptation.

It was a chilly winter in the northern woods, but Ruthie did not mind. Dressed in her favourite puffy red coat, she was going to spend Hanukkah with her grandmother, who lived on the other side of the forest. Ruthie was bringing sour cream and applesauce to go along with the yummy latkes. She carefully packed her basket and went on her way. Snow began to fall. Soon Ruthie was lost in a thicket, and she was not alone… Someone was hiding behind the tree, and when he jumped out, Ruthie found herself face to face with a wolf!

Ruthie will have to convince the wolf that eating latkes will be tastier than eating her!

A great story with a delicious recipe to try, written on the back cover.

Our second Book of the Week, Is It Hanukkah Yet? by Chris Barash, is a perfect introduction for young children to Hanukkah.

The children learned that as winter approaches, a very special holiday is around the corner. Small children can’t always tell when a holiday is near, but there are tell tale hints. This story runs through many clues that Hanukkah is nearing and the excitement builds with each one.

The illustrations are vibrant and engaging, with a focus more on celebratory rituals than the religious aspects of the holiday. Barash’s rhythmic rhyming text provides a good sense of this holiday’s customs and the refrain, “Hanukkah is on its way”, encourages listener participation. The Grimsdell children enjoyed the charming illustrations, many in double-page spreads, which depicted how a family works together to celebrate with food, songs and games. It led to lots of discussion about special family times.

Happy Chanukah and Happy Reading!

Mrs Harvey