This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had an incredibly busy week with rehearsals for their ‘Nut-ivity’ show and we are delighted to share their efforts with you next Thursday and Friday. It’s going to be quite a performance! Congratulations to all of Year 2 for your incredible resilience, enthusiasm and determination whilst practising.

We have been thoroughly immersed into The Great Fire of London and leaning to use adjectives to describe fire using their senses. This task supported the children with writing Kenning Poems using nouns & verbs, to describe the fire e.g. inferno-starter, house-destroyer, water-clasher.

In Science, the children have looked closely at materials that were used to make houses in 1666 compared to the material used now, whilst discussing differences of their properties.

In Maths we have been assessing the children on concepts we have covered this term. Well done Year 2!

We would like to also share some photos of the children involved in Chanukah day! It was a great success and the children had so much fun painting menorahs, playing the Dreidel game, twisting candles, lighting sparklers, and performing an oil and water science experiment. Thank you to all the parents for taking part.