Drama Club Performance: ‘A Global Warning’

On Friday 3 December, Mrs Wright’s Creative Drama Sessions club performed an original piece of theatre entitled A Global Warning.

The short play was based on the recent international talks surrounding environmental issues and global warning. It focused on a group of school children who were banned from a theme park due to bad behaviour on a previous trip there.

The group end up at the seaside for the day out and, after having fun on the various rides, the Headmaster planted a time capsule for future generations to look back on how they’d lived.

We then travelled forward to the year 2229 to discover a terrifying world where, due to the environmental impact caused by the previous inhabitants of planet earth, humans were now subject to wearing contamination suits, eating food tablets and were unable to leave their shelters due to extreme air pollution.

The time capsule was discovered and images of how life was back in 2022 were shown to a saddened and angry crowd who protested at the ruination of planet earth by their ancestors (us). It ended with one of the citizens finding a green shoot: hope for something to grow in the future.

There were many excellent Fourth Form and Remove performances and the group benefitted by having a responsive audience.  Thanks to all who were able to join us for this very successful afternoon.