Inter-House Innovation & Enterprise Competition – Spring Term 2021!

Millhillians are often associated with innovation. For example, Dr Francis Crick, the man who had a crucial role in deciphering the helical structure of the DNA molecule, was educated at Mill Hill School. His legacy lives on today as scientists use his work as a foundation to help expand their understanding of the world that we all live in.

Mill Hill School is now giving pupils the opportunity to make a difference that could live on for years to come with the Eureka Competition.

Eureka is all about allowing pupils to have more of a voice in shaping and improving school life through creativity, teamwork and innovation.

The winners of the Prize will not only win house points for the annual House Competition, but also win £2,000 to spend on implementing their idea during the Summer Term!

Competition Guide:

The aim is to think and develop an idea to solve a problem around school, or to improve your experience at Mill Hill. Each House must have one team with an appointed pupil team leader. Each House team should be composed of pupils from a range of different year groups.

Each team will prepare a presentation which should include:

  • The problem / improvement being proposed
  • How the problem can be solved
  • Cost analysis
  • Benefit to the school

These presentations will go to the initial round of judging which takes place at the end of this first half of term where the best 5 ideas go through to the Grand Final.

The Grand Final will take place at the end of the Easter term in The Large in front of Ms Sanchez and the expert judging panel, where the winning House will win points towards the inter house cup and grand prize of £2,000 to see their idea come to fruition.

Get your ideas flowing and let your Housemaster or Housemistress know if you are keen to make a difference to school life for us all – we can’t wait to hear your ideas!