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This week in Nursery…

We have had a lovely week in Nursery as usual. The children enjoyed learning their first sound ‘s’, they all practiced the sound and remembered the action. They loved sharing the object they had found around their house that started with the sound ‘s’. They decorated their sound card with sand and practiced writing the sound in sand.

The role play area turned into a Safari this week. The children have loved role playing a ranger, recalling facts about the animals and following the compass.

The children enjoyed listening to the lovely story ‘Handas surprise’. They had great fun retelling the story in their own words and learning all about the fruits.

On Wednesday we explored more and less using the fruits in the story. The children estimated which basket had more or less by just looking and then we counted to check if they were correct.

On Friday, the children used their senses to explore the fruit in the story. We encouraged them to smell, look, touch and taste all the fruits. We were really impressed with how most of the children gave everything a little try.