This week in Year 1…

What a wonderful wheelie start Year One have had to this term’s topic!  The children have settled back into their routines so well and they have already begun to learn so many interesting facts about wheels and how useful they really are!

This week, the children have learned about the history of the invention of the wheel and collected lots of interesting facts. Did you know that the first ever wheel was used to make pottery about 5,500 years ago?  We also learned why spokes are so useful, as they make wheels lighter which helps them roll faster.

In Literacy, we read and sorted statements about wheels and then used these to create and write our own questions. In Science, we investigated how wheels work and that a wheel needs an axle in its centre in order to rotate well.

This week, we also had the pleasure of welcoming back our visiting Art teacher, Mrs Wells, who taught us how to zoom into objects to draw them in great detail.  We used a range of bright colours to draw our colourful bicycle and wheel parts.