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This Week in Year 1!

This week in Year 1 there has been a slight Science focus, predominately on materials and exploring their various properties. The children used a wide range of samples to identify and compare and explored which would be the most effective in the building of their own-wheeled vehicle and why.

In grammar, children learnt how to use comparative (adding the –er suffix) and superlative (adding the –est suffix) to adjectives.

As part of a teacher-training program to upskill the use of ICT in the classroom, each Year One class took part in a specialised activity to develop a brand new skill. 1SD children superimposed an image onto the background using the green/blue screen function in iMovie. We then added all the clips together to create a mini movie. 1TP explored using the app ‘pages’ on iPads. The children are developing skills in order to learn how to create an e-book. 1NS continued to explore animation in Keynote and managed to get wheels to rotate simultaneously.

In addition to this, they also looked at creating a background for a vehicle and using a close-up photo of a material to insert onto a shape creating texture – e.g. wood / carpet. They then animated their vehicles to move across the screen by creating a path. Each class will have the opportunity to share and develop these skills further in the future, but the children were suitably impressed with what can be achieved (as were the teachers!).

It was the second cycle of task time this term and children took part in a science task all about what friction is, a maths task on the concept of equality and an exciting session with Miss Gale practising in anticipation for our upcoming play!