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Grimsdell Book of the Week!

This week’s Junior Librarian, Dillan from 2AM, has selected a very funny picture book, which has a twist at the end of the story …

Dillan has chosen The Cave by Rob Hodgson.

The Cave: Amazon.co.uk: Hodgson, Rob: 9781847809117: Books

Dillan tells us, “I think all the children in Grimsdell will enjoy this story as it is a very funny story about a VERY hungry wolf but there is a twist at the end of the tale …”

Mrs Harvey would also support Dylan’s choice. The book formed part of the repertoire of books for the Year 2 Adventure Reading Road Map in 2019. Books on this programme are chosen by educationalists to encourage reading for pleasure and for their literary merit. ‘The Cave’ encourages the development of children’s predictive skills and provides a good structure for writing.

The story centres around a dark, dark cave, hidden from sight. Inside lives a small, mysterious creature: a creature that NEVER leaves the cave. All poor lonely wolf wants is for this shy little animal to come out of its hiding place and play with him … or is it? Day after day, through the changing seasons and all kinds of weather, the wily predator tries every trick he can think of to tempt the creature out of the cave – all to no avail. Could a doughnut (with sprinkles of course) be the answer?

This brilliant, very funny debut picture book by the author and illustrator Rob Hodgson cleverly conspires with the reader from the start, using smart, amusing illustrations to deliver clues as to what is really going
on, in direct contrast to the deliberately disingenuous narrative. Children will love realising that they are in on the joke and more aware of what’s going on than the protagonist …