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This week in Nursery…

What a wonderful week in Nursery. The children were so glad to have all the teachers feeling well and happy to see the children.

On Monday,  the children enjoyed learning their new sound and action ‘p’. They decorated their sound card with purple and pink paint.

We also had a go at some guided reading on Monday. The children sat in small groups looking at a book together. It was a great opportunity for them to wait, look, listen and discuss the book together. We also talked about the front cover, the back cover and the blurb as important parts of all books.

On Tuesday we thought about the number three, we talked about what we need to make 3 and ensured our counting was precise to check the amount. We decorated a number three, and the children chose three colours that they wanted to use.

On Wednesday we talked about Valentine’s Day, we discussed why we celebrate this day and how many people we love around us. The children used transient art to create a piece of art that we used for a card; they then told us who this special card was going to be for.

Today was our last Funday Friday in the classroom as after half term we will be having forest school. The children created pandas using different resources. We also watched some very funny videos of Panda’s doing silly things and this gave us the idea to do some rolling. We borrowed a mat from Mrs Suarez and had a go at rolling just like the Pandas. We also had a special of treat of Popcorn and listened carefully for the ‘p’ sound as the kernels were popping.