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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 children received a letter and book from Mrs Armitage. She needed some help with a newly acquired car. The children practised writing a letter to Mrs Armitage in response and sharing their current knowledge on cars.

In order to become ‘car experts’ and help Mrs Armitage, children learnt about the different parts and functions of a car by labelling a real one. We also used our knowledge of the properties of materials to evaluate why certain materials are used in cars and others are not. We reflected on the history of the car, ordering innovations on a timeline. Many children were fascinated that cars didn’t always have GPS systems!

Children sequenced the key events from the story ‘Mrs Armitage – Queen of the Road’ and annotated or retold the story in their own words, using iPads to record their annotations.

In Task Time, the children started a new cycle of activities. As part of E-safety week, they learnt about being safe online. Mrs Baddick challenged the children to create a paper pinwheel, where they had to carefully follow a range of instructions to complete the challenge. Children went down to the crossing to practically learn about how to keep safe when crossing the road and why being road safe is so important.

In celebration of Chinese New Year, children learnt about the importance of this Spring Festival and took part in various activities such as lantern making, fortune cookie paper craft, paper chain dragons and tiger fan decorating to celebrate it.