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This week in Year 1…

This week in Year 1 children continued to learn about cars, as they sorted facts and even raced toy cars, which linked to our maths sequence of ordinal numbers used to order timed events. Children had a wheelie great time racing their cars as part of maths. Language such as quicker, slower, faster, fastest was used to compare our race cars.

In literacy, we revisited the story of Mrs Armitage –Queen of the Road and innovated the story to either a new ending or furthered the story to include new events. The children used the Mighty Writer resource to plot their innovation, then they used their plans to direct the innovated story.

In science, we experimented with materials to find the best one for the roof of a car. We explored what a hypothesis is and what makes a fair test in an experiment.

In Forest School, we talked about Valentine’s Day and the children made adorable little willow twig hearts. We were all excited to spot the first signs of spring with some Snowdrops blossoming in the Forest.

The children had previously created a plan for their own wheeled vehicle. This week children began construction on these masterpieces. There has been a lot of trial and error, problem solving and refining of plans but it is a joy to see the vehicles beginning to take shape and the children’s design skills being challenged.