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This week in Year 2…

A special thank you to our superb Year 2 parents for supporting their children by making egg drop carriers at home last week. We could not have done this Science experiment without you and we are so grateful for your support.

Also last week, the children learnt about the features of a newspaper report and they planned their own article ready to type up in Mrs Golden’s Computing lesson.

Year 2 have had an egg-citing 2 weeks in Task Time! The children have participated in six different activities with different staff in different locations around the school. Ms Moir took control of the staff room and spent wonderful sessions with the children cooking eggs. The children learnt where eggs come from and that when you cook eggs in various ways they can look and taste differently. Mrs Barnett worked with the children using the Pages app on the iPads, to write instructions for their egg carrier, equipment they used and how they performed their experiment. Make sure to have a look on Seesaw for their work.

Mrs Josephides completed a maths game with the children called ‘Race to 20 eggs on a 20 frame’ where the eggs were actually counters. Mrs Ticehurst gave the children time to explore the incredible cabin and the EYFS playground where they had a truly wonderful time constructing ramps to ride their vehicles on. Mrs Baddick had the children making homemade helicopters – make sure to ask the children and perhaps have a go at this at home also. In music, Miss Gale challenged the children to make up a rap about eggs!

In English this week we learnt about exclamation marks and how to write exclamation sentences. This was a tricky task as we had to think about sentences that started with ‘How’ and ‘What’ without turning them into questions, for example, ‘What a terrific, tall tower!’

The next piece of topic work was fun because we pretended to be police detectives and we made eye witness reports about either finding the egg on the roof at Grimsdell or related to ‘The Egg Drop’ book by Mini Grey. Some children chose to write this report on Seesaw while others wanted to video an interview with a potential ‘eye witness’. 2AM took this one step further and we borrowed police hats from EYFS and we went in search of possible eye witnesses. We found out that Mrs Simon, Mrs Ticehurst, Mrs Webb and Mrs Davis-Jones all had different evidence to share with us and the children loved interviewing them and taking notes.

We spent the latter part of the week learning how to retell ‘The Egg Drop’ story but first we planned our work using a story mountain. The children revised their understanding of nouns, adjectives and verbs, taking time to discuss when to use full stops, question marks, capital letters, commas, exclamation marks and speech marks. Next we discussed the structure of a story- beginning, build up, problem, resolution, and ending using picture to help us to sequence the story.

Finally we used all of our knowledge of the story to retell it by bringing together all of our learning over the last few weeks. It was incredible to see the children beginning to use speech marks and exclamation sentences effectively in their writing and really thinking about the use of interesting adjectives to enhance their story.