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This week in Year 2…

This week began with a message from the egg ….

‘Thanks for getting me down.  I am happy to be back on the ground; however, I still dream about being able to fly one day.  Can you help me?  I have sent you my favourite book about other people who wanted to fly’. He sent the children his favourite book ‘Fly Kite Fly’ by John Winch. The story introduces the children to red kite birds, Giacomo the bird catcher and the artist Leonardo da Vinci.

We started our research into the History and significance of Kites and the children made posters showing their findings. Following this activity, we agreed that we wanted to make our own kites but first began by exploring different materials for kites’ e.g. plastic, paper, card, foil, and testing their suitability. The children enjoyed designing their own kites before creating theirs in DT, using laminating pouches, crafts materials, ribbon and doweling rods.

Our Marvellous middle ‘Kite festival’, was the perfect way to test and fly their kites. The children spent time evaluating their kites and concluding their kite research.