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Our Books of the Week!

Our outgoing Junior Librarian, Sebastian from 2HD, shares with us two of his favourite reads.

Firstly, Sebastian recommends the mischievous book from Nicholas Allan: ‘The Queen’s Knickers’.

Sebastian’s reason for his choice:

“I love this book because it is so funny – especially at the end when the queen can’t decide which knickers to wear!”

Mrs Harvey would also recommend Sebastian’s choice:

The Queen’s Knickers is a popular book and never sits for long on the library shelves! The reason for its popularity? It is simply a great read with colourful illustrations to prompt the story and capture the imagination of young readers. Allan’s language is rich and varied and the story flows from page to page. The reader is challenged to think creatively and offer predictions as the story progresses.

A quick synopsis – Have you ever wondered about the kind of knickers the Queen wears? Sensible knickers, frilly knickers, knickers with corgis on them? Perhaps she has different knickers for every occasion – crown-jewel knickers or Christmas knickers? A little girl daydreaming about a school visit from the Queen imagines a parade of all the different knickers she might own, and wonders which knickers she might choose for a school trip – her rescue knickers, gardening knickers, or perhaps her ‘parachute pants’?

Knickers are funny, and in The Queen’s Knickers, Nicholas Allan makes them even funnier with this cheeky look inside the Queen’s wardrobe. The story is delightful and highly entertaining. Perhaps the only question remaining is – which knickers would you wear if you were going to meet the Queen?

We are sure that this book will become one of your firm favourites and it is available to borrow from our Grimsdell library.

Sebastian’s second choice is from the author and illustrator, Oliver Jeffers: ‘Stuck’.

Sebastian’s reason for his choice: 

“This is one of my favourite stories – I like how inventive Floyd is but I think he should have just got a ladder!”

Mrs Harvey also supports Sebastian’s choice. We have a plethora of books by Oliver Jeffers available for Grimsdell children to read and explore. Oliver Jeffers is a visual artist and author working in painting, bookmaking, illustration, collage, performance and sculpture. Curiosity and humour are underlying themes throughout Oliver’s practice as an artist and storyteller. In our Grimsdell library, Oliver Jeffers is a very popular author and illustrator. His critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into over fifty languages, sold over 14 million copies worldwide and have won numerous awards.


Part of the reason for the popularity of Jeffers’ picture books is that they are wonderfully accessible, exploring the themes of friendship, imagination, loneliness and independence in a subtle and nuanced way. I often use his books in my Key Stage 1 Library sessions to encourage the children to explore both text and illustration to further their reading comprehension skills.

The story, ‘Stuck’, was inspired by a real event and the narrative illustrates how perseverance and determination can lead to success. The story’s main character, Floyd, gets his red kite stuck in a tree. He tries pulling on the kite string but it simply won’t come unstuck. But the trouble really begins when he throws up a shoe to knock the kite loose… and that gets stuck too. Before very long, all manner of things are stuck in the tree – from Floyd’s cat Mitch to a ladder to a kitchen sink to a curious whale who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. How will Floyd ever get them unstuck?

This story has all the trademarks of Oliver Jeffers’ much loved picture books – whimsical illustrations, distinctive handwritten text, lively imagination and a quirky sense of humour – are to be found in this beautifully-presented, funny and delightful story. I’m sure you will enjoy watching the tree ‘grow’ as each new and unlikely item is added, as well as the entertaining and unexpected ending.

Happy Reading

Mrs Harvey