Outdoor Lessons and Tree Planting Initative at Mill Hill International!

Our beautiful grounds at Mill Hill International are beginning to show signs of spring arriving. Our resident woodpecker greets our pupils as they come into the School gates with the unmistakable tapping on the oak tree. Returning spring birds can also be heard on the walk from our boarding houses to School.

With the weather getting warmer and it being lighter, Mr Parker and his Year 9 Drama pupils took advantage of our green surroundings to have a lesson outdoors. This Drama lesson involved a combination of movement and static poses, and from the pupils’ reactions, the lesson was thoroughly enjoyed.

This week we were delighted to celebrate the planting of trees as part of the eco initiative led by Mr Parker, Mill Hill International’s Eco Coordinator, and the Eco Club. Saplings of silver birch crab apple, field maple and rowan were planted.