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Pastoral Day at Belmont

On Friday 18th March, Belmont hosted a pastoral event for all boys in years 6-8 and all girls in years 5-8. The event was organised by Ms Goldthorpe, Director of Sports and Activities. It was an incredibly successful event and was eye-opening not just for our pupils but also for staff.

For Belmont’s girls, the day was hosted by The Well HQ, a foundation founded, run and invested in by women for women. The team at Well HQ are incredible, powerful and successful women in their respective fields who have come together for their shared passion of women’s holistic health and fitness.

The Well HQ spoke to Belmont’s girls about a variety of topics throughout the day ranging from the female physiology and how it affects thinking, training and performance in sport and other aspects of life; about the importance of maintaining pelvic floor muscles, bladder and bowel health; and about nutrition, sleep and the concept of Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport (RED-S). The Well HQ specifically focuses on raising the bar in women’s sport and physical activity. Their mission is to improve the way we all think, discuss and treat women and girls in health, sport and life in general.

Bella, co-founder of The Well HQ states: “we empower women with vital information so we can all fulfil our potential in so many ways. Even if you have been labelled ‘not particularly sporty’ at school, you can still be active in your own way – we can do whatever we like, whether you want to dance, climb, dive or lift weights. Maybe it’s badminton or snooker, running, cycling or canoeing. The important part is to stay active regardless of age, stage, status or any unhelpful labels.”

Belmont’s boys were joined by Andrew Hampton, CEO and Founder of Girls on Board and later Working with Boys. The Year 7 and 8 boys had a day’s seminar session looking at creating cultures of mutual respect in school and facilitating constructive and reflective dialogue with them about safety, empathy and respect for themselves and for their peers – both boys and girls. Working with Boys’ mission is to empower young boys to have the knowledge, skills and confidence to be able to achieve their potential as positive members of their peer-groups, within their schools and in their communities. Andrew spoke about fostering positive and respectful relationships and to lead empathetic and respectful lives.

Boys' Pastoral Day

These are extremely important and relevant topics for our preparatory pupils who will be transitioning to senior schools soon and who are going through big transitions in life.