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The Great Grimsdell Pancake Race!

It was wonderful to celebrate the first ‘Great Grimsdell Pancake Race’ with children, teachers and parents of the school participating.

The children enjoyed a fantastic morning of flipping pancakes, running for their House Team and cheering on their classmates; all the children showed great enthusiasm and excitement!

The afternoon Nursery Class had their own race which was held next to the nursery playground, and each child demonstrated amazing balance and speed to complete the race!

Teachers and parents alike also showed their competitive nature by becoming thoroughly involved in their races; there may even have been a bit of friendly pushing and shoving!!

Overall Oak House won the event, and the victors were extremely happy with their performance! Hearty congratulations were given by the opposing teams.

The pancake Race was a great success, and we look forward to many more. Thank you to the GPA for helping with this event and raising a HUGE amount of money!