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This week in Nursery…

We have had a wonderful sunny week in Nursery.

The children loved returning to Nursery after the weekend to see that the ducks had grown. They were now strong enough for the children to have a little hold and for them to go in the water. The children thoroughly enjoyed watching them swim and seeing how they use their webbed feet to move through the water quickly.

On Monday, the children painted pictures of the ducks that will be a  front cover to their duck diary. They chose the colours they wanted and remembered to add specific parts of the duck such as their egg tooth and their wings.

On Tuesday, we weighed the ducks. We compared them to bricks and worked out that 4 bricks was the same as one duck. We also compared the duck to snack time bear and we learnt that a duck is much heavier than he is. We recorded this all in our duck diaries.

On Wednesday, the children enjoyed making something special for their Mummy. They were asked to make a flower however, they could choose how they created these. This meant that the children’s creativity really flowed and has resulted in some truly wonderful cards.

This week Nursery also visited the ducks at Mill Hill School. They were incredibly kind to invite us along and the children were amazed to see that they had 10 ducks. The children loved observing the similarities and differences between their ducks and ours.

Today we had to say goodbye to the ducks. We talked to the children about how they need to be returned to the farm and why they cannot unfortunately stay at Grimsdell School.  We found out that the farm is in Canterbury and after 6 weeks they are allowed to roam the fields there.

Also, today in Forest school the children got to experience a fire for the very first time. They have been consistently remembering the rules in relation to the fire circle and loved learning how Ms Staniford made the fire. What a wonderful experience for our last Forest school of the term.