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This week in Reception…

This week kick started with celebrating 100 days of learning! We are now 100 days smarter! Well done Reception! As we came into school, we noticed the teachers had suddenly aged and were now 100 years old! The teacher’s hair had become grey and were walking with the support of walking sticks.

In Reception, we took part in challenges involving the numbers to 100. We created gumball machines using pomp oms and counted out 100. At the start of the year, we measured our height and measured how much we had grown after 100 days at school. We were impressed to notice how much we had grown!

In maths this week we have been focusing on using a tens frame to show amounts and linking this with using a part-part whole model. We have enjoyed. In phonics this week, we have been putting all our sound and Rainbow Word knowledge into practice by writing sentences. The sentences have contained a focused digraph each day that we have revisited.

We have been taking part in shared writes and learning what makes a good sentence. We must remember to use finger spaces, capital letters, full stops and the Phonic sound mat as support.