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This week in Reception…

Another exciting week in Reception with the celebration of Science Week! Thank you for the amazing posters that you did for your ‘Take a Closer Look’. We started science week with a visit from some of the Mad Scientists in our assembly where they showed us some incredible experiments. We made some balloons float and toilet roll fly!  The children’s tummies were full of smiles! They also visited us in our classrooms where we explored pigments within primary colours, made indoor fireworks and we learnt that light is white and how light reflects colour by wearing special glasses.

We even met some pupils from the BIG SCHOOL who spoke to us about different liquids and made a rainbow using chemicals. It was so much fun to make our own rainbow colours on individual cut out rabbits.

As well as doing experiments with visitors, we did some great science within our classrooms. We planted our own cress and watched it grow, explored what plants need and made our own observations. We mixed colours, made observation drawings of daffodils, used different liquids to see what happened to some gummy bears and did some junk modelling to make a boat that floats. We also visited the wonderful science garden to notice changes in the environment. We loved having snack there too!


Not only did we have an exciting week because of science week. We also had a very special delivery! Something very EGGCITING! We had a delivery of eggs and an incubator, we are waiting to see what hatches. The children have loved guessing what is inside and have been monitoring the eggs for movement, noise and the cracks that are appearing. Let’s see what next week brings! We are really enjoying our farm topic for ‘On the Move’.