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This week in Reception…

This week in Reception we have continued to learn about ‘People who help us’, the children are really enjoying their different role play areas. RHH have a school, RAB a shop and REJ a Hospital.

We have also focussed on Road Safety and the children have been learning how to keep safe when walking and crossing the road. We have learnt three key safety messages: hold hands with an adult when walking near the road, be bright and be seen wearing bright clothes to increase visibility and always sit in a child seat and wear a seatbelt. Stop, look, listen and think were key words that the children have all remembered and we have practised on the Zebra crossing outside.

The children made posters for Wills Grove to remind children and parents how to keep us all safe, they all came up with great ideas! “You need to hold hands”, “Don’t play games on your phone when you are driving”, “Wear your seatbelt”, “Stop, look, listen” and “Don’t play games near the road” as well as many more. The posters are so lovely, keep an eye out to spot them around the school grounds. We enjoyed lots of other activities in the classroom for Road Safety. We also enjoyed a local trip to Mill Hill Park to use what we have learnt.

In Phonics this week we have been revisiting sounds that we have been finding a little tricky: air, igh, ear and ck. We have played many games, included the sounds in words when writing and also focused on including them in sentences. I wonder if at home you can spot these words in some of your books, you can use your flashcards to match.

In Maths we have begun early subtraction by finding one less than a given number. We have been ordering numbers on a number line and using the number lines to make jumps backwards. We have then stretched ourselves by looking and higher and lower numbers. The children enjoyed using playing cards to guess whether the next card they get is higher or lower.

Well done Reception for a great first week back, we are excited for all the amazing learning you will do this term J