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This week in Year 1…

Last Friday, Year 1 children celebrated the marvellous middle point of the term with a ‘Wheelie Wonderful’ event. The sun came out and 54 children walked their scooters and bikes down to the Mill Hill School asphalt to take part in a bit of a celebration. There was music, dancing and smiles all around as children navigated the track and each other.

This week was full of Book Week delights and the first annual Pancake Race. Even with such a fun-filled week, the children have been busy with a new mystery. An interesting green bike arrived in the foyer and children have been tasked with finding the owner. Questions were written and theories explored about who the owner was. The children then looked at the evolution of the bike through the ages. Models like the ‘boneshaker’, ‘hobby-horse’ and ‘penny-farthing’ all drawing disbelieve from the children when compared to our modern day equivalents.

In Science, we learnt about evergreen and deciduous trees and looked at the parts and functions of our magnificent trees.