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This week in Year 1…

On Monday, children finally reached their 100 days in school, something we have been eagerly counting in class from the beginning of the year. We all celebrated the day with enjoyable 100-themed maths tasks, such as creating a picture from 100 items of paper, creating multilink structures with 100 cubes, filling numicon 100 grids, reading 100-themed storybooks and the teachers even transformed into centenarians!

The owner of the mystery bike has been solved! Our old friend Mrs Armitage, (close relation to Mrs Simon), has revealed herself and her story which led children to reflect on, “what this bike needs…”. Children generated ideas and inventions that could be added to Mrs Armitage’s fabulous green bicycle. We then learnt about using commas in a list and recorded all the new items we created for Mrs Armitage’s bike.