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This week in Year 2…

Year 2 have had an explosive Science week!

It began with a fantastic Mad Scientist assembly and was followed by exciting experiments about the human body in the classroom. Ask your child if they can remember how many bones there are in the human body? The children went to Mill Hill science labs and made a robot using a toothbrush head, pipe cleaners, a cell and sticky tape. They loved every minute! Other Science activities during the week included watching our caterpillars grow, feed, and make their web. We also planted sunflower seeds and ensured they had all the necessary conditions needed to survive.

We continued our text ‘Lighter than air’ and the children thought about their aspirations just like Sophie had in the story. She dreamt of becoming the first solo hot-air balloonist and after much perseverance, dedication, hard work and the drive of her aspiration – her dream came true.

In Task Time, the children conducted the following tasks-

  • PSHE – we looked at the Green cross code and the children used Seesaw (check out their work) to record questions about being safe on the roads to cement their learning.
  • DT – the children made flapping red kite birds using a bird template, doweling sticks and pipe cleaners.
  • Enrichment/Topic – lots of fun using creative flair, to create mosaic aeroplanes.
  • Art – we used the stick and ink technique to draw hot air balloons.
  • English – they took part in Reciprocal reading and identified the rhyme, similes, and adjectives. The children’s work is recorded on Seesaw.
  • Music – the children recorded the song ’99 red balloons’ by Nena.