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World Poetry Day by Mr Roberts (Head, Belmont)

In assembly on Monday, we talked about World Poetry Day and I read a poem about a duck following a video that we shared with the pupils of the remaining ducklings that hatched over the weekend under the care of its foster parent, Mr Bird.

As it was World Poetry Day, we thought why not have a poem from the other side of the world? It was an absolute privilege to welcome Mr Chris Unwin all the way from Australia to join us via Zoom. Mr Unwin taught at Belmont for four years but moved to Sydney 18 months ago with Australian partner Abbey and their young twin boys. As well as a brilliant English teacher, Mr Unwin is also a performance poet. He performed two poems to children in Years 5 to 8, and inspired pupils and staff alike with his mesmerising delivery and thought-provoking words. One poem was about the bravery of clinging on to a metaphorical merry-go-round and the second poem, ‘Flaw’, below, was about celebrating everything that is wonderful and unique about us; very apt for our theme of the week of Neurodiversity.

Poem by Mr Chris Unwin

Poem by Mr Chris Unwin

We look forward to staying connected with Mr Unwin and his poetry and are very grateful that he was able to fit us into his busy evening schedule.