Danelle Achieves Outstanding Football Success

This year Danelle (12BB) moved from Singapore to join Mill Hill School and pursue her dream of becoming a professional footballer. She selected our school because of its fantastic sports facilities and partnership with Tottenham Hotspur Football Club. Danelle is Mill Hill School’s first female pupil to play first eleven football. Whilst living in Singapore Danelle also took part in JSSL’s football competition for boys.

Danelle is an incredibly talented player. At just 14 years old, she became the youngest ever goal scorer for the Singapore team. Now Danelle trains eight times a week in a mix of sessions at Mill Hill School and her football club – The Lion City Sailors. Danelle has sought out training opportunities in the United States and Europe and has completed a training period at AFC Ajax, which is one of Amsterdam’s most successful football clubs. 

Danelle’s experiences have allowed her to pick up a variety of techniques that will be useful throughout her career. Perhaps most importantly, Danelle has fully embraced the high standards of professionalism and determination which have been present at the clubs she has played with. Danelle said: “when everyone is striving to improve, everyone just sets a higher benchmark for themselves.”

Danelle will soon be playing in the Southeast Asian Games. Danelle and her team will be competing against the region’s very best teams. She hopes that participating in the games will inspire the next generation of female players, especially because this is the first time in 19 years that a women’s team will be competing in the games. 

At the Women’s Football Conference in 2022, Danelle was honoured by Edwin Tong (Minister for Culture, Community and Youth & Second Minister for Law). Danelle has also been selected as an ambassador for women’s football in Singapore. 

Danelle is a true inspiration and we wish her all the best for her upcoming games and future footballing career.