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Science in Action Enrichment Day

Our pupils were lucky enough to attend ‘The GCSE Science in Action Enrichment Day’. The event was hosted by TTP Education in Action, a UK provider for study days outside the classroom. Pupils enjoyed five interactive presentations from leading scientific experts. Each session explored the real-world application of science in an interactive, memorable and inspiring way. 

Dr Anna Ploszajski is an award-winning materials scientist, science communicator and English Channel swimmer. She aims to show people that things which may appear ordinary can also be fascinating. Dr Ploszajski’s topic was ‘The Surprising Science of Swimming the English Channel’. She answered many of the pupils’ burning questions such as: is it cold in the water and what do the swimmers eat? 

Neil Monteiro’s ‘Science of the Future’ talk was also popular amongst pupils. Neil is a well-known science communicator who has worked on a variety of science videos and stage shows. He spoke about how science will evolve in our lifetime with advancements in everything from lazors to cyborgs.  

Simon Watt is a biologist and scientific broadcaster. He gave a thought-provoking talk about ‘The Genetics of Superheroes’. Comics often include heroes and villains who are born with superpowers and Simon explored whether genetics could eventually be used to make us superhuman!

All of the sessions encouraged pupils to approach their studies with excitement and confidence so that they can achieve top grades. They also took part in an ‘examination success session’, which was particularly useful. Pupils were given helpful revision techniques and skills to thrive in their examinations. 

Thank you to TTP Education in Action for organising a magnificent and inspirational day!