Academic News

While Year 11 pupils are ensconced in their IGCSE and GCSE examinations, the rest of our pupils continue to progress through their learning, themselves preparing for their next steps, whether for Year 9s, starting to think about their ed of year exams, or for Year 10s taking on board their targets following the recent exams or fast Track, preparing for their English examinations, PET for Schools and IELTS.

In Business Studies this week, Year 10 pupils have been working through the economics topic in the syllabus. They have used economics theory to help them research unemployment levels, inflation rates and different types of taxes in their home countries. The research and group work activities have made them more aware of the impact of business studies topics in the real world. Hopefully, our pupils will come to appreciate a wider view of how businesses operate in global and tolerant, multicultural society, which will in turn open their views to the evolving nature of businesses in the interconnected world.

In Geography Year 9 began an exciting new topic in humanities, ‘The Black Death’. They learnt about the geographical spread of the bubonic plague and the causes of it, whilst paying close attention to the gruesome symptoms that accompanied the disease at the time. They were challenged with the task of producing a poster of the possible causes of the plague. During the medieval times there were many possible explanations for the disease which ranged from God’s punishment to humankind to debris in the atmosphere caused by volcanic eruptions. Skye and Giulio produced excellent posters on the causes of the Black Death and presented their posters to the rest of the class.

Mr Garsee, Assistant Head (Academic)