Darren Swift Gives Inspirational Talk to Pupils

As part of the Year 12 PSHE presentation programme, we welcomed Darren Swift to speak to our pupils. Darren has had bilateral above-knee amputations, following injuries sustained in May 1991 while he was serving with the British Army in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Darren shared his experiences with our pupils and expressed how he has transcended the limitations of his disability, setting out to make the impossible possible. Darren’s drive and attitude has helped him achieve incredible feats. He has completed parachute jumps, taken part in competitive snowboarding on the Armed Forces Para-Snowsport Team (and is now a coach) and is an actor. Darren has also climbed Mount Everest. Astonishingly, he has even rescued another climber with a broken leg and brought him down to be helped on a 7-hour descent. 

Along with his can-do attitude, Darren has also been aware of his mental health and the mental health of others with injuries like his. Darren’s message to pupils and staff was one of hope, resilience and courage with a good pinch of humour. We would like to thank Darren for his inspiring presentation. 

Find out more about Darren here: https://millhill.co/3LojPMi