Pupils Participate in Self-esteem Workshops

Miss Moustafa has introduced self-esteem groups for our pupils. These sessions seek to develop communication skills, build self-esteem and help our pupils work through insecurities. 

In this week’s session, the girls’ group focused on ‘self-talk’. Simply put, self-talk is our inner voice. Miss Moustafa asked the girls to consider how they think about themselves and spoke about the importance of positive self-talk. The boys’ group discussed their worries. They wrote these onto balloons and threw them in the air. The balloons fell to the ground, demonstrating that balancing lots of things at once can be difficult. The boys were then given tips to help them manage concerns without becoming overwhelmed. 

We hope that these sessions will instil positive techniques and strategies in our pupils, which will help them feel confident and resilient when things do not go as planned in and outside of school.